Trilogy Luke Kaitos

Trilogia Luke Kaitos

Luke Kaitos and Crystals OZ

With the 2012 arrival of yet another cycle closes and once again the Earth is about toreverse its polarity.

As always, every 26,000 years the earth goes decelerating to the furthest point that culminates in December 2012 expecificamente more later in the day on December 22where the sun reaches its zenith and ends on December 25, with three days of total darkness.

Right now the planet will be inert, motionless and at the end of three days to rotate again, this time in the opposite direction and its magnetic pole will once again be reversed.

The Sun is 99% of the whole mass of the solar system and when it changes and we changeour Sun is undergoing a huge change. This energy echoes from the center of our Milky Way, this energy is changing the composition of the Sun and because it is moving on. We are more aware and every day more and more people are waking up and realizing that there is something wrong, something that is different, something that most do not understand yetcan feel.

Do not panic because you know you are never alone, you actually are humans always walk in three, the time and not realize this, and are magnificent beings of light.

The light you to pray and love just a wish at the moment Twilight of the three days beginning on December 22, 2012, meet with friends and family during the dark shadows reflect on theirlives and fill their hearts with happy memories of his life, because right now a new world will be built. A world where your children are not feared more war, unemployment or hunger, aworld of peace and unity a world of love.

At this time, Master Kim retires to his home and morning meditation.


About jeansobrinho

JJ Sobrinho, was born in Paraná Umuarama. He currently works as a Business Consultant in the area of Information Technology. He graduated in Business Administration and holds a MBA in Computer Science. He has worked as Executive Director MyOffer Brazil Ltda Consultant and Manager of Information Technology at the Institute ISULPAR-Coastal Paraná Curitiba PR Education: Faculty Dr. José Correia Leocádio Bachelor of Business Administration University of Paraná Tuiuti Bachelor of Computer Science

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