2012 is the year of the Apocalypse according to the Mayan calendar and applied his theories to current times where cataclysmic events appear all over the planet Earth.

The long debated issue of the end of the world’s annihilation of the planet Earth, but at no time mentioned the option of non-extinction of humanity and the planet itself.

The End of the World concept applies far beyond our physical realm and may be related to the concept of reality and consciousness that refers to the actual state of being and existence.

The world ended in different ways and all of them and once again we go through thisdilemma that occurs every 26,000 years.

Discover what will be the end of the world in the book this time Luke Kaitos and Crystals of Oz.

Remember there’s nowhere to run and only knowledge can free him from an even larger majority.


Trilogy Luke Kaitos



About jeansobrinho

JJ Sobrinho, was born in Paraná Umuarama. He currently works as a Business Consultant in the area of Information Technology. He graduated in Business Administration and holds a MBA in Computer Science. He has worked as Executive Director MyOffer Brazil Ltda Consultant and Manager of Information Technology at the Institute ISULPAR-Coastal Paraná Curitiba PR Education: Faculty Dr. José Correia Leocádio Bachelor of Business Administration University of Paraná Tuiuti Bachelor of Computer Science

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