Synopsis of the Book
When all mankind goes about his business, governments worldwide are studying the discovery of God particle. Contrary to what everyone believed the governments are not incontrol of the world and the discovery of do Bosson Highs aroused the anger of our realcontrollers. The world once again finds himself on the brink of chaos and aliendomination and their only hope is the return of Luke and his friends at the center of the Earth. In this adventure the true values ​​saw the light and all the masks have fallen beforea terrible truth. The fate of humanity is at stake.

About jeansobrinho

JJ Sobrinho, was born in Paraná Umuarama. He currently works as a Business Consultant in the area of Information Technology. He graduated in Business Administration and holds a MBA in Computer Science. He has worked as Executive Director MyOffer Brazil Ltda Consultant and Manager of Information Technology at the Institute ISULPAR-Coastal Paraná Curitiba PR Education: Faculty Dr. José Correia Leocádio Bachelor of Business Administration University of Paraná Tuiuti Bachelor of Computer Science

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