The Crystal Skull


“All the souls that enter the human species first pass through a process of formatting the paradigm of micro circuit frequency of the hologram of reality,” says the master. “The crystal skull is the guardian and storage library that frequential hologram and its immense amount of data frequencies, but it is not the hologram. He condenses a replica, stored and projected in the twelve dimensions of the Earth as a conscious crystalline Library, within which there is a record of everything. This is the paradigm that all set within them during their overnight trips and they call sleep. The human body is making the transition from a carbon-based to one based on silicate, thus becoming, but lens physically. In the crystal skull there is a vast library of information relevant to the intense changes that are occurring on Earth, they are essential to humanity. The crystal skull is a reflection of the perfection of human beings. They are old computers, auxiliary programs for which the answers were carefully installed to many fears, questions and puzzles. Paradigms are the hologram and are accessible to all. The crystal skull acts as a computer memory. It was developed by the people and the planet Arcturus contains all human knowledge stored in its crystal structure. Its purpose is to offer the people of the earth all the knowledge of its existence, because it is contained the secret of the construction of human life. Secret so much discussed and debated by scientists on Earth. But to access it you must have the appropriate technology to what humans are millennia away. The only life forms that can access it are the gray. They live and work underground in the earth and some work in cooperation with governments. One of its various hangars around the world and best known of all is the area 51 or the Land of Dreams. ”

These are wise words spoken by the master.

“The second basis is constructed using caves in the area of Four Corners (Four Corners), near a small town called Dulce. It is to be used by aliens to examine the human abductees, “he continues. “Scientists human and Grey work hand in hand. They arrived here on earth long before mankind, in fact they are its creators. That’s right, they created mankind and grow today. Humans are regularly abducted while sleeping and are delivered the next morning. The goal of abduction is the breeding, humanity passes from time to time by the energy and climate control and without this there would be no life on Earth. Evidence of this control can be seen by Chemicalls (chemical trails) which are lines in the sky. It is a kind of gas that acts in the mutant human gene making it resistant to the changes to come. Although they are our creators keep a close bond with the reptilians that unlike the grays have feelings and cultivate a feeling of hatred for mankind. The reptilians are everywhere, in malls, supermarkets, on television and of course are our rulers.
Policy has a reptilian agenda of population control. Are related to major diseases and are responsible for human wars. If self-proclaimed superior blue-blooded, noble and enlightened by his wisdom. Hide the true history of humanity and cultivate fear and terror, their main sources of energy. Today I give you Luke the Crystal Skull and its task is to go to the bottom of the “Grey and access time of the creation of humanity, so you can verify for yourself all that this learning here.”

Luke holds in his hand the Crystal Skull which starts blazing flames of fire and fire, flames come out of their eyes consuming and a blast of light.

He is transported to the surface of Arcturus, now your body is just energy and he sees the surface of lava and flames Arcturus.

In a lapse of memory, he returns to the palace and releases the skull, but something is different it can see things that had previously been invisible. Mentalize only he can see the smoke in the tribe of Indians, even as a cipher stone statue and Leona impatient at having to wait for it.

“It’s amazing,” says Luke. “How can these things be possible master?” Question.

“All things are possible Luke,” he says. “Just believe and you’re starting to believe.”




About jeansobrinho

JJ Sobrinho, was born in Paraná Umuarama. He currently works as a Business Consultant in the area of Information Technology. He graduated in Business Administration and holds a MBA in Computer Science. He has worked as Executive Director MyOffer Brazil Ltda Consultant and Manager of Information Technology at the Institute ISULPAR-Coastal Paraná Curitiba PR Education: Faculty Dr. José Correia Leocádio Bachelor of Business Administration University of Paraná Tuiuti Bachelor of Computer Science

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