The Cave

After the presentations cipher and Luke leave for the cave where after a few minutes walk envision a huge rock wall that read:

Welcome to Agharta

the land where it never rains,

where there is no disease and no one dies,

instead of people with pure hearts and universal consciousness,

for those who seek the truth and unity.

A few moments after reading the notice a huge two-headed serpent rises from the ground and his eyes red color of blood, sees Luke and cipher. Luke is frozen with fear as cipher irrelevant speech:

– Here we go again.

Luke almost faints with such awe, but even with all the terror that was in that moment and his heart calms down and accepts his fate.

The snake then swallows it with a quick movement with the head of Luke and the other right and Seret crawl through tunnels at high speed inside the cave passage in the direction of a crack in the wall it falls by a few seconds then fall into a kind the underground lake.

The snake goes through a portal in an arc shape and is directed to an output, it falls from a cliff to a big river, it quickly lean to the side of the river and there the snake regurgitates Luke and cipher. Then comes a retreat into the bowels of the earth.

While I was inside the snake was not afraid at any moment, a kind of spectrum that reminded me of the cipher materialized and his words reassured me.

Luke and cipher up and clean the slime of the serpent that was on their clothes. They walk toward the city as they interact with the locals.

We raised the floor and began to clean the gunk that the snake left in our clothes, while I dipped into the river to remove all that goo cipher spray like smoke just made all that dirt.

– How did he do that, I thought.

We were completely lost, although cipher Shamballah already know he did not remember how to get there, he has a temporary memory and remembers only fragments of memory. In his words “I build memories relating to the sound, color and smell,” as though we were wet cleaned, cipher can not relate to their senses and determine the correct direction to take.

We decided to go east to the opposite side of the river seemed to be the best cipher to remember the correct path.

We walked for about thirty minutes in that direction until we heard a lot behind a girl who was arguing with some kids. Approached us to see what was happening, was apprehensive cipher, would rather follow him to travel and to ignore the noise, he said:

– We can do nothing about it, it is best to follow in shipping before we arrange some confusion.

I paid no attention to what he said and went to see what it was all that noise. I crouched near the rock wall and could see better what was all the fuss. The local boys were laughing at the ears of a girl, they pointed and laughed at them like fools.

She had cat ears and her eyes are blue and large in proportion to her face, she looks like a cat, but it’s just a girl, a very pretty girl.

At this point cipher was already beside me, he took a marble from the right pocket and threw toward the boys, a cloud of blue smoke rose up and formed a huge tree. The boys ran away frightened.

She looked at me and then I could clearly see her face, she really was a cat in a literal sense.

– Are you all right? – I asked a little embarrassed by her beauty.

– Yes – she replied. – These guys are unbearable, they are laughing at me because of my ears, but do not like to speak of his fingers.

Fingers … I thought, what should there wrong with their fingers.

– How well your fingers? – I asked her.

– Do not tell me you did not notice … you are all equal.

She grabbed my arm and then counted the fingers of my hand.

– Five fingers. – She said. – And how many toes?

I replied that they were also five and each foot as well as they were in each hand.

– Human. – Flailing her teeth.

– These kids six fingers on each hand and also six fingers on each foot and are still making fun of me, boys yuck. – She said in a tone of contempt that made me even more intimidated.

I thought how can they be laughing at each other if both have their faults or qualities, for it their pointy ears and his eyes big and bulky further enhance its beauty. He said that to her, because as I see it has rejection by boys.

We had talked for a few minutes, but still did not know his name, and then she asked me.

-My name is Leona. – She said.

I assumed that his parents were like her and avoid asking questions in this regard.

My name is Luke and this cipher is, we are looking in the capital of Agharta Shamballah, you know this city?

She brushed her lips and looked at the sky, put his hand on chin and when he finally looked like it would tell us where is this city she asked another question.

– What do you want in Shamballah? – She asked in one of such animosity.

Seret had warned me that the people of Agharta could read my mind if they would, I do not want to lie and not lie, then replied:

– We’re going to Shamballah to speak with the King of the World. – She answered. What was my surprise at the reaction she had.

She fell to the floor writhing in laughter, my face flushed at the time and had a great desire to get out right then forgetting to have known this girl, who is risking abuse our welcome to come into the earth, a place unknown at least for me and all she has to tell me that the laughs are dropping to the winds.

I looked at this cipher laughing and he also thought it must be contagious.

– What are you laughing unhappy. – Has asked he replied with sobs:

– I do not remember.

For loads of water, here I am in the center of the Earth with no memory and a boy with a girl cat that all you have to tell me are whispers between laughter and sobs.

Finally she stopped laughing.

– The king of the world does not speak with humans thousands of years, what makes you think he will talk to you?

Cipher has a flash of lucidity and responds to Leona.

– Luke carries the spirit of Gaia, but he does not remember, we’re going to see the King of the World that has the crystal so that it can remember who you are.

– You carry the great spirit of Gaia the Earth Mother? – Leona asks in a tone of astonishment.

– He does not remember. – Scream cipher.

– Do not shout bluebird. – Leona said to cipher that is in a shade of blue verging on purple.

– If it is true what you say, why not teleport to it since you are a boy and Sirius have this power.

– Tele asks … carriage cipher looking for some memory in your mind about it.

– It’s true. – He says. – Tele transportation I can take them there … just do not remember how.

Things are getting more difficult cipher with his memory problem that the smoke went up in smoke and not seen him since the cave and now this girl cat mixed up comedian, I do not know how it can get worse.

Amid all this madness Leona cipher approaches and asks him about the marbles you keep in your pocket.

Amazed he asks how can know about it, she says that when he took boys to sharpen some of his pocket and threw one in the direction of the boys who then ran without.

Seret reaches into his pocket and pulls out a ball with a feature of enthusiasm replies

– Of course the teleportation, the indigo-colored ball will take us wherever we want. – Says he’s still in a frenzy.

So I could understand that his lucidity cipher remembered every time he touched these strange balls of light that looked very much like marbles. But his memories were not extended for a long time it was like a flash. I could not celebrate the fact that we did not walk Shamballah cipher warns us not remember where is the city.

But we were lucky that Leona knew where the city never even had the opportunity to speak with the king of the world she was going to town with his parents from time to time and loves to glimpse the sun revolves plantations that stretched he knows the road décor and sauteed the way there.

So we asked if Leona could join us there as it was apparently the only lucid able to take us to Shamballah.

She says yes because their parents are in town and it will be easier to go home after.

The big question is will walk up there or we can use a ball of light to the teleport, but how do we know the correct path cipher instead of getting lost even within the Earth.

– I can design the city’s image and he might remember the way. – Leona says, to our relief.

With ears flapping of Leona projects in the empty space between me and cipher of the city’s image and to my astonishment Shamballah people seem equal to the Earth.

At the same time remove cipher from his pocket a ball of light blue and orange are swallowed by the light that emits this sphere.

As he had suspected we are led to the beginning of the city still on the road and even sunflowers have been transported tele still have to walk a little.

The road and profiled on both sides by giant sunflowers. But unlike the earth’s surface these sunflowers do not rotate, because the sun is central and not switch position and remain unaffected in the same place.


JJ Sobrinho, was born in Paraná Umuarama. He currently works as a Business Consultant in the area of Information Technology.I love reading and writing about quantum physics and parallel universes. I write articles for newspapers and magazines. He graduated in Business Administration and holds a MBA in Computer Science. He has worked as Executive Director MyOffer Brazil Ltda Consultant and Manager of Information Technology at the Institute ISULPAR-Coastal Paraná Curitiba PR
Faculty Dr. José Correia Leocádio Bachelor of Business Administration
University of Paraná Tuiuti Bachelor of Computer Science

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About jeansobrinho

JJ Sobrinho, was born in Paraná Umuarama. He currently works as a Business Consultant in the area of Information Technology. He graduated in Business Administration and holds a MBA in Computer Science. He has worked as Executive Director MyOffer Brazil Ltda Consultant and Manager of Information Technology at the Institute ISULPAR-Coastal Paraná Curitiba PR Education: Faculty Dr. José Correia Leocádio Bachelor of Business Administration University of Paraná Tuiuti Bachelor of Computer Science

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