The flight to Forest

Unconscious, Luke is with the arms and legs tied to an operating table, smoke begins to examine the site and see how you can release it. Doctors are in place so he decides to wait until they leave the room and then act.

He is trapped in a table of laboratory operations Doctors Grays, he knows that something bad will happen. Dr. Gray was very apprehensive and they performed dozens settings on a machine gun known as neutrons neutrons used to decimate the organic matter.

In the left corner of the room below the desk of the lab Smoke appears. Luke asks that you help.

– Smoke. – This kid. – Luke says, still with blurred vision and slurred speech due to medication that Dr. Gray injected with a syringe.

– Smoke disable the latches on the panel. What he does immediately.

– Smoke as we go from here? – Asks Luke, Smoke responds with a bang and leads out of the room through an air duct in the lab.

They walk through this duct to the engine room and enter the sewers that lead out of the house flowing into a lake to the edge of the forest.

Smoke and Luke run into the forest still without a definite direction only deviate the most from this site, all that Luke wants right now is get out.

Luke is in the middle of the woods now and has no point of orientation, the sky is completely covered by the canopy of trees and seems to be getting dark, he must quickly find a shelter for not having to spend the night in the forest.

He is tired and thirsty hours have passed you are walking in the woods, right now the smoke and warns with a fart sound.

– What is the smoke problem. – Luke unanswered question, because the smoke had hidden in a mole hole.

Luke observes around him and he finds himself surrounded by tigers one is looking directly into his eyes.

Meanwhile the other two sides are close by creeping silently and slowly enough to give the boat together and at once.

Luke hears a voice reminiscent of her mother.

– Do not be afraid Luke you are not alone, never was. – Speaks the voice of the wind creeping forest.

– Are you Mom! Luke exclaims while the next is inevitable. He closes his eyes for a few seconds when you open them again faces her tormentor and thought he says:

– I see you. – He says looking through the eyes and seeing into the soul of the great tiger in front.

The tiger eyes widen with amazement and sees the true appearance of Luke, he sees a being of light winged feet tall. Completely amazed he yells:


The tigers do not understand what is happening, but they serve the order stopping the attack would be fatal to Luke.

At this moment the great tiger appears in human form, the remaining tigers are also the same. He has straight hair and black as night, his eyes are dark and his face is painted with black ink some characters do not understand.

– You must come with us. – He says, now in human form. You will know the great master of our tribe, it will help you and your journey.

– You are the one and accompany us.

Luke knows he’s in good hands as it can see beyond the image of the tiger, beyond the image of indigenous men in front, saw his soul and saw honor and kindness.

Smoke appears resolved to join them and everyone departs for far into the forest accompanied by five Indians who know every inch of the forest.

They walk for a few minutes then when they arrive they are greeted by the tribe and other Indians. There he go to where is the shaman, the great leader of the Indians.

The shaman is wrapped around a large crowd of young Indians dancing wildly in circles uttering the dialect Maue and putting his hand inside a leather pouch with plume of feathers.

I find it very strange that the more I realize that every Indian girl accompanied by her father and this in turn is happy and singing with others.

Do not take it anymore of curiosity and wonder to the Indian who brought us the whole meaning to the ritual.

He replies that it is the ritual of startup and every Indian village has to pass it to prove to be a grown man, his tribe in this ritual takes place every year and last year he was subjected to this. Leather bag are placed in one thousand species of ants tucandeira and every Indian has to stay with the bag on your arm for fifteen minutes to pass it on to others who will be with her for another fifteen minutes.

Now I watch more carefully and less apprehensive to everything that is happening and realize that some of them feel that much pain and even to drop tears from his eyes, but all have not seen an Indian ritual even refusing to put on his leather bag arm.

All face with nobility and honor this act of courage of the young Indians. The ceremony ends the shaman receives us in his cabin. Sitting in front of an almost extinguished fire exhaling smoke even more he begins to speak:

– Many years ago with our tribe being developed by the people inhabiting ant the depths of the earth have been trained according to their customs.

During this period the Head of our great teacher taught my ancestors about the prophecy that will take place today.

He spoke to our people to maintain the link with nature and with animals, said that we are all connected and part of the same thing. Mother Nature reigns our tribe and we respect all the cycles of growing roots and rubber tapping.

We are always in sync with nature and with us it that way no Indian will have to starve or be without a roof to sleep, we have everything we need and respect in return just the time of mother nature to replenish their energies.

We are the inventors of the culture of guarana, domesticated and wild vine created the beneficiation process of the plant, enabling today Guarana is consumed in our village.

– Luke interrupts the shaman to understand what your role in this incarnation.

– Large master. – He says I do not understand what my goal in this journey that I smoke with my friend, although he is very smart he is just a ferret and can not help me.

– You have the answer to this question?

At this moment the shaman picks up a handful of dirt and throw on the grill almost extinguished the fire.

Smoke rises and forms a structure similar to a castle on top of a mountain.

The shaman says that training and knows what it means, then he tells Luke:

– The answer that came to the center of the Earth in a place where you live the King of the World, he waits. I am responsible for guiding you to the entrance portal to the underworld, but you will find it alone.

The witch doctor determines that two Indians accompany Luke to the vicinity of the cave leading him safely there.

Luke bids farewell to the shaman and the tribe, thanks for your help and exit back into the forest in search of the portal to the center of the Earth.

The two Indians take the form of tigers and go forward Luke driving to a location away from the tribe and came away from any water.

The walk takes place for four more hours and Luke starts to get tired, he looks around and can no longer spot the Tigers was leading him. Smokey did not take it anymore and walk to lie on the floor. Luke picks it up and walk for a few more minutes.

After a long walk through the woods, he sees it through a cave cloaked with vegetation.

If approached the cave entrance he envisions his tangled with vegetation seems not to harbor any kind of hostile animal and shown to be very long.

The cave is carved into the rock and there seems to be the world long before the formation of the forest. Luke gets closer to look at the cave and see a huge hall to where the light can not reach.

The sun is about to set and begins to darken, Luke decides to stick around and spend the night in this place. With silence and calm of the forest Luke begins to dazzle her.

Here everything has life and the forest is in perfect harmony no fights or competitions and relates everything grows effortlessly.

He begins to hear the sound of frogs that looks like music to your ears, over time, until then falls asleep in a deep sleep.

Luke is sleeping right now, everything is new for him as he is for the forest. Without fear or guilt he falls asleep in the middle of the Amazon forest and begins to dream of his mother.

– Luke – says his mother.

– Luke, dear wake up to talk to you.

– Mom are you? – Luke says without understanding what is happening.

– Luke you will have to be strong.

– I’m Mom.

– Yes you are! – Luke, you are entrusted with the task of awakening humanity to one in which the wicked haunts of his existence.

– A bad so great that it caused the waste of thousands of years of evolution.

– Remember son, love is the answer.

Right now Luke tries to embrace his mother, but she begins to disappear and then he wakes up next. And when he finally wakes up astonished by the vision that is before the entrance of the cave.


JJ Sobrinho, was born in Paraná Umuarama. He currently works as a Business Consultant in the area of Information Technology.I love reading and writing about quantum physics and parallel universes. I write articles for newspapers and magazines. He graduated in Business Administration and holds a MBA in Computer Science. He has worked as Executive Director MyOffer Brazil Ltda Consultant and Manager of Information Technology at the Institute ISULPAR-Coastal Paraná Curitiba PR
Faculty Dr. José Correia Leocádio Bachelor of Business Administration
University of Paraná Tuiuti Bachelor of Computer Science

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About jeansobrinho

JJ Sobrinho, was born in Paraná Umuarama. He currently works as a Business Consultant in the area of Information Technology. He graduated in Business Administration and holds a MBA in Computer Science. He has worked as Executive Director MyOffer Brazil Ltda Consultant and Manager of Information Technology at the Institute ISULPAR-Coastal Paraná Curitiba PR Education: Faculty Dr. José Correia Leocádio Bachelor of Business Administration University of Paraná Tuiuti Bachelor of Computer Science

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